QM Seminar Speaker Oles Shtanko (MIT) Wednesday, Friday, March 22

Time: 11:00 am
Venue: LeConte 325

Title: Quasi-viscous effects in open quantum systems
Abstract: In quantum transport problems, the thermal environment is responsible for crossover between coherent and diffusive propagation. We demonstrate that additionally to suppressing the transport due to dephasing, the environment is able to induce new dynamic effects absent in an isolated system. In particular, non-interacting particles in the presence of the stochastic environment may exhibit formation of vortices and Poiseuille flow, the effects similar to commonly considered signatures of hydrodynamic behavior. We provide a detailed analysis of the phenomenon and derive the equations for quasi-viscous flow. The environmentally induced quasi-viscosity suggests new possible transport regimes accessible in various mesoscopic solid state devices, cold atomic systems, and photonic quantum simulators.

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