QM Seminar Speaker Constantin Schrade (MIT) Wednesday, May 15

Time: 2:00 pm, Wednesday, May 15
Venue: LeConte 402

Title: New quantum materials and devices: From “Majorana Superconducting Qubits” to “Spin-valley density waves” in moirĂ© materials.
Abstract: The first part of this talk will introduce new devices for establishing a feasible platform towards Majorana-based quantum computing; one of the most urgent challenges in the field of topological superconductivity. Specifically, I will propose a new “Majorana Superconducting Qubit” which uses the well-developed superconducting qubit technology to address a robust qubit formed by spatially well-separated Majorana bound states.
The second part of this talk will address moirĂ© materials as a new platform for strongly-correlated insulators and superconductors. Specifically, I will introduce a minimal Hubbard model to describe the essential features of trilayer ABC-stacked graphene on hexagonal boron nitride. By solving the proposed model in the semiclassical approximation, I will argue that a “Spin-valley density wave ground state” arises that can be stabilized against zero-temperature quantum fluctuations. I will also examine the properties of this state in the presence of spin- and valley-Zeeman fields.

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