Special QM Seminar Speaker Bjorn Sbierski (UCB) Monday, May 6

Time: 11:00 am
Venue:  LeConte 375
Title: Non-perturbative approach to disorder (in nodal semimetals)
Abstract: The self-consistent Born approximation quantitatively fails to
capture disorder effects in semimetals. We present an alternative, simple-to-use non-perturbative approach to calculate the disorder induced self-energy. It requires a sufficient broadening of the quasiparticle pole and the solution of a differential equation on the imaginary frequency axis. We demonstrate the performance of our method for various paradigmatic semimetal Hamiltonians and compare our results to exact numerical
reference data. For intermediate and strong disorder, our approach yields quantitatively correct momentum resolved results. It is thus complementary to existing RG treatments of weak disorder in semimetals.

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