FYI: Condensed Matter Experimental Colloquium Seminar speaker Benjamin Fregoso (Kent State) on Monday, February 13 at 2:30 pm in Physics North, Lecture Hall #3

Time/Venue Monday, February 13 at 2:30 pm Pacific time in Physics North, Lecture Hall #3 and via Zoom:
Host Joel Moore
Title Bulk photospin effect
We know, e.g., from the bulk photovoltaic effect, that nonlinear transport is sensitive to the geometry of the electron wave function but, is this also true for other observables such as nonlinear magnetization? We partially answer this question by computing the electric spin susceptibility of Bloch electrons to second order. We find that interband coherence effects (a hallmark of the quantum hall effect), yields a spin magnetization with linearly polarized. Usually only circularly polarized light is considered to produce photo magnetization via, e.g., inverse faraday effect. The standard spin orientation effects are recovered in appropriate limits within the formalism. Finally, the electric spin susceptibility of metals has contributions proportional to spin multipole moments of the Fermi sea that dominate the low frequency spin response.
BIO:  PhD from UIUC with for Eduardo Fradkin, postdocs at Maryland and UCB, finally Asst. Prof. Kent State University since 2017.

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