Chern-Simons Initiative in Mathematics and Physics

Chern-Simons Initiative in Mathematics and Physics, UC Berkeley
Coordinator (2016-): Joel Moore,

Several programs to encourage connections between mathematics and physics take place at Berkeley via the support of the Chern-Simons Chair in Mathematical Physics, which was established by the Simons family in honor of the distinguished mathematician and philanthropist Jim Simons.

In addition to occasional focused workshops, a Chern-Simons distinguished lecturer is invited approximately once per year to give a few lectures on an important set of developments in mathematical physics.

Fall 2017 Chern-Simons Workshop
"Integrability across mathematics and physics"
Berkeley, September 13-15


External speakers:
Kevin Costello (Perimeter)
Paul Fendley (Oxford)
Charlotte Kristjansen (Copenhagen)
Chihiro Matsui (Tokyo)
Greta Panova (Penn)
Leonid Petrov (Virginia)
Alexei Tsvelik (Brookhaven)

Berkeley speakers: Aganagic, Smirnov, Williams, Bulchandani

Past events:

Spring 2017 Chern-Simons Lectures
"Stochastic quantum integrable systems"
Ivan Corwin, Columbia University

April 3: 2 Le Conte Hall, 3:00 pm, "q-TASEP, q-Bosons and their KPZ limits"
April 5: 325 Le Conte Hall, 2:00 pm, "Bethe ansatz and Markov duality"
April 7: 325 Le Conte Hall, 10:00 am, "Bridges to Macdonald processes and Gibbsian line ensembles"

Introductory slides (animations skipped)
Lecture I summary (notes by V. Bulchandani)
Lecture II summary (notes by D. Parker)

Summary of topics covered (in preparation)

Prof. Corwin works to unify algebraic structures within mathematics, build bridges between these structures and domains of physics, and discover universal phenomena within these domains. He has uncovered universal distributions (modern day parallels of the bell curve) in models of interface growth, traffic flow, mass transport, turbulence, and shock-fronts.

Prof. Corwin will also give the Mathematics Department colloquium on Thursday April 6.

Previous Chern-Simons Lectures that took place under Nicolai Reshetikhin's oversight are listed at