Eigenstate thermalization and out-of-time-ordered correlators at late times

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Yichen Huang
Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 2:00pm
402 Old LeConte Hall

We study the implications of the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis (ETH) in chaotic quantum many-body systems. In particular, we present a rigorous derivation of a closed formula for calculating out-of-time-ordered correlators (OTOC) at late times in finite-size translationally invariant systems with a generic energy spectrum, assuming a majority of eigenstates satisfy ETH. The formula shows a power-law scaling of late-time OTOC with system size. We connect the formula with the idea of approximating chaotic dynamics by a random unitary. This work gives an example that certain properties of chaotic systems can be solved analytically.

joint work with Fernando G.S.L. Brandao and Yong-Liang Zhang