Physics 250, Spring 2014

Instructor: Prof. Joel Moore
Course meetings: TuTh 11-12:30, 375 Le Conte
Course GSI: Probably no GSI
Office hour: Tu 2:00-3:00, 549 Birge Hall, or by appointment.
Occasional extra meetings: Wed 10-11, 375 Le Conte
First extra meeting: Sep. 10, tutorial on Landau levels
2nd extra meeting: Sep. 24, homotopy for Chern numbers/start on time-reversal invariance
3rd extra meeting: Oct. 29

Course materials (most recent uploads first)

Les Houches draft notes (55 pages)

Problem set 4 solutions

Introduction to SLE (Gruzberg and Kadanoff)

Chalker-Coddington (network model of IQHE transition)

Moore-Read (CFT and FQHE)

Ivanov (non-Abelian statistics in p+ip)

Solutions 3

Problem set 4 (last one!)

Read and Green (topological superconductors and FQHE states)

Triangular lattice RVB phase (Moessner and Sondhi)

Notes by Laumann and Kitaev on toric code model

Problem set 3

Solutions 2

FQHE intro slides

Lecture notes set 4

Solutions 1

Lecture notes set 3

Resta lecture notes on polarization

Avron et al., PRL 1983 (a few more details on homotopy proof)

Problem set 2

Les Houches notes on QHE by Steven Girvin (used 9/10)

Lecture notes set 2 (figures fixed)

Problem set 1

Lecture notes set I -- preliminaries

Course outline