Welcome to the website of the Condensed Matter Theory Center. Condensed matter theory at Berkeley seeks to understand how quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, and statistical physics combine to explain remarkable phenomena observed in solids and other many-particle systems.

Here you can find information about the people currently associated with the center, and upcoming and past seminars and group meetings.

We are part of the Department of Physics and are primarily located on the 5th floor of Birge Hall on the Berkeley campus. Many of us are also affiliated with the Materials Sciences Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

CMT research is supported by a variety of public and private sources, including the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation, as well as the Moore and Simons Foundations and the State of California.

Decisions will be communicated through AJO in early January for the CMT postdoctoral scholar position.

The previous (2010-2018) CMTC website is still available for now, but is no longer being maintained.