Special Joint 290S/QM and High Energy Seminar Speaker Paolo Glorioso Thursday, April 14 at 1:00 pm

Time/Venue Thursday, April 14 at 1:00 pm Pacific Time in Physics North 375 
Host Ehud Altman / Raphael Bousso
Title Breakdown of hydrodynamics in fracton fluids below 4+1 dimensions
Abstract Fracton phases are characterized by that their elementary excitations have restricted mobility. In the context of hydrodynamics it has been shown theoretically, and confirmed experimentally, that such restricted mobility leads to novel emergent scaling laws. In this talk, I will introduce a framework to describe the hydrodynamics of fractons and predict such scaling laws, with particular focus on systems with conserved dipole and momentum. This hydrodynamics turns out to have rather exotic properties, owing to the fact that translation invariance leads to a non-trivial extension of spacetime symmetries. After developing an effective theory approach that allows accounting for fluctuations, I will show that such theory contains relevant nonlinearities that lead to the emergence of a stochastic non-Gaussian universality class, thus constituting a breakdown of its local hydrodynamic description.

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